How To Welcome Our 2017 And Have a Better Living!

by: donna belle | food lovers and events

I am pretty sure that most of us are having a New Year’s Resolution especially when the New Year comes. Most of our resolutions are: To lose weight, to save, to invest, to keep good friends, to be a better person at work, to be family oriented and to name a few of positive vibes.

In 365 days, we can never know what is going to happen. We planned some good start but at the end we were not able to reach our goals or targets it’s because we always start things in a wrong way.

What do we really need to do in order for us to achieve what we want? There are lots of resolutions that we want but will tackle some of the majority issues that we wanted to improve or change.



Most of us are expat living and working abroad and our main purpose is to give a beautiful life to our family back home. Therefore we should not forget our purpose in life while we are having a good opportunity abroad.

  • If you are living with your family – ensure that you have a quality time with them. Life is short; it’s always nice to spend our happy time with our family while you’re together abroad. Compared to others who are away from their family and they would just wish that they have their family with them.
  • If you’re away from your family – ensure to keep in touch with them. We have the best technology; we can always keep in touch with them via Skype, Facetime, Messenger, Whats App and Viber.
  • Don’t forget your purpose – we are here to work for our loved ones so let’s respect our purpose.




Based on my experience, it’s been a decade that I always tell to myself that I wanted to lose weight, I want to live healthy and avoid junk foods and change my lifestyle. But still… I always believe that we should start it in a right way.

  • Everything that we do should be on our List. Plan ahead. Prioritize the things to do on the next day, on the next week or on the next month. We should always have Things to Do, so we don’t missed any of our goal.
  • Before leaving the house for work, for school or to do our personal errands. Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast or food that could keep us going until we go back to our home for lunch. If we are working, be sure to prepare our lunch box and snacks. In this way, we can avoid eating junk foods.
  • If there’s an extra budget, we can always enroll in any fitness center like aerobics, gym, yoga, sports. If there’s a gym in the building where we live in why not pass by and use at least a tread mill. Or walk in a park, walk with your dog or invite friends with same purpose and decide to go for a walk


If we are watching any you tube or video in Social Media we can see that it looks like so easy to lose weight but if we have our will, we will definitely reach our target. I always believe this quotation “If there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY”. Real talk.



I have been living in the Middle East for almost 20 years and it’s really difficult to save especially if you see SALE everywhere in the shopping center. But trust me, at the end of the day we feel bad especially if we found our self broke; no savings at all. You feel bad that you just see all your expensive bags, shoes, watches, jewelries etc. Most of the working people are expats, means at the end of the day we will all go back to our homeland. Sad but true! All I can say is it’s not at the end of the world. We still have chance in saving for our future. Let us check what I have realized.

  • If you have already invested expensive things for yourself like bags, shoes, watches, accessories, jewelries and you feel that you it is not useful anymore. Why don’t you sell it and convert is as cash. But if you have a with your stuffs, just use it. Don’t keep it in your closet. Avoid buying new stuffs which you don’t need.
  • Avoid eating regularly in an expensive restaurant. But if you wish to treat yourself from time to time ensure that you have some vouchers. There are lots of vouchers with different offers i.e. buy one take one or 50% off.
  • Be simple. Be minimalist. Most of us are expat and we don’t need to impress each other. Yes, we need some quality things and be sure that when you buy quality things it’s because it’s you. Let’s avoid buying things that our intention is to impress others.
  • Opening a Savings Account is not a bad idea at all.
  • Budget – let’s live our life according from our resources.

An Authentic Italian Restaurant In Town!


by: donna belle | foodlovers and events

Have you ever heard of Carisma Italian Restaurant? It’s one of the restaurant that serves an authentic Italian Cuisine. Located at the ground floor of Warwick Hotel – Doha near the Sports Round About.

The first time that I visited the place, I fell in love with the classic design, with a classy lighting and elegant furniture. The place is bit romantic and ideal for a couple to have a quiet dinner.

As I entered the restaurant, the beautiful smiles of the staffs will welcome you and immediately guide you to your favorite spot. They usually served a  refreshing welcome drink and while you’re having a sip, they will hand you the menu.

Prices of the dish are very reasonable plus they have quite a  lot of daily promotions. The highlight of the promotion is their Ladies Night every Saturday. They are giving a 50% off to all ladies who dines on that night.

I have requested for Foccaccia to kick the night. Then ordered an Insalata di Pomodore e mozzarella con basilica fresco or Tomato and buffalo mozzarella cheese with fresh basil leaves and Zuppa di funghi con pomodoro cremosa or Mushroom soup with tomato creamy sauce for my starter.

I love the texture of Foccaccia it’s so nice especially when it’s hot. Meanwhile I enjoyed the Mushroom soup, it gives me a delightful taste and makes me feel excited on my next meal. The Tomato and buffalo mozzarella cheese tasted so well and loving the mozzarella cheese.

Here comes our favorites: Tonnarelli in salsa tartufata e pancetta di manzo or Fresh eggless spaghetti with truffle sauce and beef bacon. One of the yummiest pasta that I ever tasted. I also loved the Risotto ai funghi Porcini or Carisma’s signature risotto with Porcini mushroom. The unbeatable Ossobuco tradizonale con risotto allo zafferano or The traditional ossobuco with saffron risotto. The dish that has been cooked in light fire for 36 hours. All dish tasted so good. The taste that you will always look for. All amazingly good!

And who would resist the finale desserts of Carisma? The not so sweet Apple tart, Tiramisu and Pannacotta. These three have the best combination ever.

I really had a great time with Carisma. It’s highly recommended. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

For more details and reservation, contact 44563333 or email


The Launching of Mercedes Benz E-Class and V-Class


by: donna belle | foodlovers and events

It’s indeed my pleasure to be invited and witnessed the launching of one of the high end Luxury Vehicle. Yes, it’s the launching of the E-Class and theV-Class Mercedes Benz. Happened on the 17th October 2016 at the Al Ghassar Ballroom, St. Regis Hotel – Doha.

Me and my friend arrived a little bit early, we were welcomed warmly by the hostess, guided us to stay at the lounge, offered a welcome drinks and we got the chance to take some photographs while there’s a few guests yet.

The door opens at 7:30pm and we headed inside the  ballroom. Luckily we found a best place to sit in. As the crowds getting more you can see from their faces the excitement and eagerness to watch and to witness the event.

We watched the video presentation then as the curtain was moving slowly here comes the actual vehicle. It was so nice and elegant. Crowd couldn’t stop taking videos and pictures of the beautiful Mercedes Benz.

It was well presented and quite a lot of VIP guests. The total experience was amazing!

Indian Week Media Night Invitation


by: donna belle | foodlovers and events

In preparation of the Indian’s traditional celebration – The Diwali, a Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated every year in Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (Spring in Southern Hemisphere). This year it will be celebrated in the 30th of October 2016.

Seasonal Taste in Westin Hotel & Spa Doha is offering some sumptuous dish. They have invited the Media, Influencer and Bloggers.

I arrived early so I had enough time to chitchats with some familiar faces. They are the people whom I’m meeting in most events in Doha. It’s so nice to arrive early, I get the chance to take some images  while the foods were untouched.

Everything were well prepared from appetisers to desserts. I loved the paneer, gohst, curries, grilled chicken in yoghurts and a lot more. Everyone had their great time, took a lot of photos, had a very nice chit chats.

It’s highly recommended and it’s a must try. For further information. Contact 4492 1555.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by: donna belle | foodlovers and events

This is the first time in my life that I have participated in this kind of campaign. One of the person whose special to me has joined our creator last year because of Breast Cancer and one of my friend is battling right now. I was approached by a company whose doing the campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) if I can assist them with this campaign for this month and without any hesitation I said ‘Yes’.

For me, it’s indeed a successful one because in just a day, I set up the BCA Page in Facebook and quite a lot of my friends and contacts had given their support and shared it to their friends. I connected people whose doing the campaign and posted each activities in the BCA Page.

We have a Social Media Board for BCA made of Foam and designed nicely with a hash tag of #showyoucarebeaware that every time I carry and passes by at anyplace, there’s no moment that I was approached by someone saying “I support that campaign because I’m a Survivor”. To be honest I don’t know what to say and I’m feeling kind of mixed emotions. Why? Because I lost someone special last year it’s because she didn’t survived or it’s already her time. At the same time I am happy because the people whose approaching me has survived! 

I’m having a little conversation with these survivors and I can see it from their teary eyes the pain that they have been through. Some doesn’t want to remember the nightmare but some are really willing to share the experience that they have gone on how they fought with it. That is why they don’t stop their support because they knew that they can still inspire others.

For me, October is not the only month in giving an awareness campaign or program etc. Each one of us can always inspire others and make them feel strong everyday. We can always support by giving donations to the Cancer Society and to encourage each women to have a regular check up for early detection. We really have to show that we care so everyone will be aware!